Expedition details

Vrijdag 5-6-7 mei 2009
Tailor-made 'Dutch Design Expedition', Amsterdam


Tailor-made Amsterdam DesignExpedition for German printers, art directors & graphic designers, all members of the M-Real Printers Club of paper producer M-real corporation.
Friday afternoon 5th till Sunday afternoon 7th May 2006


Participants of the tailor-made Amsterdam Dutch Design Expedition for paper producer M-Real Germany.


Itinerary of this tailor-made DesignExpedition for M-real in German >

Testimonials Dutch Design Expedition deelnemers:

Thank you for a wonderfully organized, highly interesting and enjoyable weekend in Amsterdam. We brought home a large amount of new and exciting ideas for our work and ourselves.

Really Great Expedition. I have seen many good ideas and an amazing spectrum of themes. Our guides were phenomenal.
We have had a lot of fun and go home with a lot of inspiration. Very very good!

I am impressed by the Expedition in all its aspects. We received a lot of very pleasant surprises. Great to get to know an artist! The friendliness of our guides Monique and Gudrun made it easy for us to enjoy the local atmosphere of Amsterdam.
Thank you very much indeed.

My expectations have been exceeded. Highly engaged guides!

Highly engaged and competent Expedition leader. Thank you very much!