Prefer a tailor-made expedition?

In addition to the scheduled trend expeditions, offers the opportunity of having your own expedition tailored to the requirements of your specific sector. has already been concepting and realizing TrendExpeditions amongst others for directors of Dutch Railways, clients of International Paper Manufacturer M-real and for employees and communication managers of insurance company Delta Lloyd Group.

If you would like your colleagues or associates to experience a thought-provoking expedition don't hesitate to contact to discuss the possibilities.

We look forward to your call on:
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Suggestions for tailormade trendexpeditions:


New concepts for Hospital Patients & Caring for the Elderly. How to differentiate your offer and create a new experience for your clients.

Sensory & Experience Marketing

Taste, hear, see, touch, smell & experience Storytelling Brands

Food Design

New food & beverage products, new rituals & experiences, new philosophies. Taste the new meaning of food.

New Media & Gaming

Game Over. New Media & Serious Gaming are influential tools to use to your advantage.

Dutch Design

New talents, shapes & forms. Innovative products & applications. How to apply design in your business environment.

Consumer & Consumables trends

Key consumer and lifestyle trends help to fuel creativity and generate new ideas.

Fashion & Colour

Trends in Colour, Finishes, Fabrics. New designs & upcoming Designers.